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Hello Riders!

Posted by Chuck Conrad | Jan 14, 2019

My name is Charles Conrad. I am an army vet and for over 20 years a motorcycle accident attorney. For the last 10 years I have ridden a Harley.

My office is in Spokane, WA. I have represented injured motorcyclist from Canada down to Arizona.

Over the years, I have learned when we are involved in a motorcycle accident, there are certain things we should do and certain things we should not do. When we go down, we get hurt and sometimes we don't heal. Motorcycle accidents are life changing. From being afraid to ride again to never working again, it is important we know what to do when we go down.

Twice a week, I will write about what I have learned as a rider and as a motorcycle accident attorney.

Naturally, I have to write a disclaimer. This blog is not legal advise.
I hope the information provided here is helpful. If you have questions, please email or Call Me (509) 924-4825.

I ride, you ride and I enjoy talking to a fellow rider.

My next blog will discuss the accident scene. Let me just say it is not a good idea to physically hurt the driver who caused the accident.

Ride Safe!

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Chuck Conrad

“My riding buddies call me Chuck. I am a member of the Lone Wolf H.O.G. Chapter in Spokane, WA. I am an Army vet and I ride a 2013 Street Glide called “Gorgeous.” Riding is my passion and my freedom. If you are in need of a workers compensation lawyer, it would b...

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