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The Motorcycle Accident Scene

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

You are riding down the road. A young mother with two small children in the back seat makes a left hand turn in front of you.

You fly over the hood and land on the road. You are in pain.

You run over to the woman swearing, screaming and threatening her.

She starts crying, her children are crying. You have just hurt your claim against the woman.

At first, the witnesses felt sorry for you. They know she turned in front of you. They know the accident was her fault. The witnesses are willing to tell the truth to the police. You have their sympathy.

Now, they see you attacking this young mom. Now, they want to protect her. The witnesses no longer care about you.

When the witnesses talk to the police, they will say “I think he was speeding. He came out of nowhere.”

The police report will show that you were speeding. You may get a speeding ticket. This really happens.

We must control our temper or our behavior will come back to “haunt” us. Ride Safe.

~ Chuck

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