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Take an Ambulance

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

I am assuming the fire department, first responders and an ambulance will be on the scene.

It is my opinion, a motorcyclist should take an ambulance to the hospital. After an accident, we are in shock. Adrenaline is flowing through our systems and we do not know how badly we may be hurt. At an accident scene, we do not know if we have internal bleeding. We can’t determine for ourselves if we have a concussion.

The E.R. will probably have an x-ray and an MRI of your spine administered. There will probably be an MRI of your brain to determine if there is swelling or evidence of an acute injury.

I think it is fair and honest to tell the EMT that you hurt all over. That is exactly how you will feel the next day.

I think it is fair and honest to tell the EMT you don’t know how seriously you are injured.

After an accident, we should not medically diagnose ourselves. Take an ambulance and let the doctors determine your injuries