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Spouse’s Liability

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

Let’s say a husband and wife are two-up. The wife is the passenger. The husband “runs” a red light and the wife is severely injured and will never work again as a nurse.

I have represented the wife in a situation similar to this. It must be handled with care so the husband and wife relationship isn’t harmed.

The wife has a valid claim against her husband as his negligence caused the accident. The wife does not have to sue her husband. She simply makes a claim under their motorcycle insurance policy.

They paid money (premiums) for insurance coverage and now they need that coverage to pay medical bills, lost wages, and the wife should be compensated for the pain her injuries cause her.

I believe this is one of those situations when they should talk to a lawyer. They don’t have to hire a lawyer but they should talk to one about this delicate situation and how to protect the family from drowning in medical debt.