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One of my Most Memorable L&I Clients

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

The most unique industrial injury case I had the pleasure of handling was for a roofer.

He and his buddy were roofing a house. In one corner of the roof, was a large tree branch, which made it very difficult to work on the roof.

My client and his buddy had a plan. They tied a rope around the branch.

They got off the roof and when on the ground both pulled with all their strength to move the branch off the roof.
It was decided my client would stay on the ground holding the rope and his buddy would finish the roof. As soon as the other guy releases the rope, my client is “slingshot” through the air into the tree. He is hurt. Medical personnel are called to get him out of the tree and to the hospital.

He asked me to file his injury claim with workers’ compensation. Workman’s Compensation denied his claim. They did not believe my client actually did this.

I convinced worker’s compensation this really happened. The claim was accepted. I made sure workman’s compensation approved the medical care my client needed. That his medical bills were paid. That he received lost wages (time loss) while he couldn’t work.

This story has a happy ending. After several weeks, his injuries healed and he went back to work.
To this day, I wonder if now he tells the other guy to hold the rope.