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Suicide Squirrels!

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Those cute, fuzzy, long-tailed thrill seekers who see how close they can come to my front wheel and still live.

They scurry back and forth, go in circles, almost cross the road only to come back in my lane. They cannot walk in a straight line.

I know they see me because when they are 10 inches away they get out of they way.

When there are two squirrels, they do a dance around each other, neither one knows where they are going.

Once, I tried to avoid them and almost went off the road. Now, I go straight and let them play “suicide squirrel” with my bike.

The funny thing is I have never squashed a squirrel. I know there will come a time a “suicide squirrel” will misjudge my speed and that will be that. Until then, they will play on the road, chasing their tail and having a good old time.

Long live the squirrel!