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Working at Home

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Millions of workers are doing their jobs at home.

If a worker is injured at home while working, does this worker have a valid worker’s compensation claim?

The answer is probably.

The fact patterns for the cases are fascinating.

In Oregon, benefits were allowed when a woman tripped over her dog in her home office, fell and injured herself.

With in home injury cases, a central question is did the injured worker work at home as a matter of choice or did the employer require the worker to work at home.

In Maine, the court allowed benefits to the widow of a financial advisor who died of a heart attack while exercising on his treadmill at home.

When he died, he was working on his blackberry.

What is the answer in this case?

A woman, who was working from home, injured herself when she fell on steps heading to her basement office.

Is this a work injury?

My next blog will give you the court answer.