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How a hit-and-run driver puts a rider’s life in danger

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Every minute counts after a major motorcycle wreck. The rider could be severely injured and unable to call 911 or ask for help. Often, the person in the best position to help is the driver of the car, truck or SUV that hit the bike.

Unfortunately, the welfare of their victim is often the last thing on a negligent driver’s mind. After acting recklessly and causing a motorcycle accident, some bad drivers make things worse by fleeing the scene. They abandon the injured rider and try to avoid responsibility for what they did.

Struck by a hit-and-run driver on Interstate 5

Hit-and-run motorcycle crashes are all too frequent in Washington state. In early October, a rider was struck and killed while riding northbound on Interstate 5 in Bellingham. Few details are available, but police say the driver “fled the scene in an unknown direction.” A third vehicle was pulled over with its hazards on, but it is unclear if that was a factor in the motorcycle wreck. Another driver, trying to avoid the third vehicle, inadvertently struck the rider where he was lying on the road. If the hit-and-run driver had remained at the scene, they might have been able to protect the rider from this secondary collision.

They also could have tried to render first aid and call 911. We don’t know if prompt emergency medical attention would have saved the rider’s life. But as it was, the man died.

Illegal and negligent behavior

Hit-and-run is a crime in Washington. It can also compound the fleeing driver’s negligence. Delaying the victim’s medical treatment can make their condition worse.