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Tips for maximizing your workers’ compensation benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits can provide invaluable support when you sustain a work-related injury. Maximizing the value of your benefits comes because of your preparation.

Knowing how to utilize workers’ compensation the right way can help you avoid costly mistakes. With the right approach, you can worry less about lost wages and focus more on your recovery.

Know your rights

You might find it a challenge to use workers’ compensation benefits when you are not quite sure where to begin. If not informed, you might even miss out on benefits completely. At the start of your employment, read through your contract. Learn about the extent of your benefits and under which circumstances they apply.

File a report

As soon as you are able, file a report with your employer. According to U.S. News, your workers’ compensation claim should include the following information:

  • Time of injury
  • Location of accident
  • Type of injury
  • Accident details

Failing to file a report with your employer could jeopardize your benefits completely. Even if you know you have a legitimate case, procrastinating the claims process could make it so you fall outside of the statute of limitations and then your employer can legally deny your claim.

Ask for help

Even during recovery, you can stay in contact with your employer. Inform them of your progress and your desire to return to the workplace. Ask about your options for transitioning back, including the availability of resources that might ease your adjustment.

Collaborating with your employer every step of the way, as well as prioritizing communication, can help you know what to expect throughout the process.