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3 ways distracted driving causes motorcyle accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Firm News

While you may love the thrill of the open road on your motorcycle, it comes with added risks due to other drivers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,020 motorcycle fatalities occurred in 2020. The main factor causing that number to rise yearly falls on distracted driving. The CDC classifies distracted driving into three categories.

1. Cognitive

Any mental break while driving may result in an accident. This may look like zoning out for a moment, stressing about work or family, or trying to compile a to-do list in your head. Any motorist who takes that break puts you as a motorcyclist potentially in harm’s way. That becomes even greater since many drivers focus more on trucks and other cars than motorcycles.

2. Manual

While driving, many people take their hand off the wheel to do some manual act. From using a cell phone to grabbing a drink or adjusting a seatbelt, not having both hands on the wheel increases the chances of an incident.

3. Visual

This type of distraction has become most associated with distracted driving. Texting while driving often tops the list, but it includes anything that takes a driver’s eyes off the road. It may come in the form of a driver looking at an accident that has just happened or tuning the radio.

As a motorcyclist, you do not have the safety features to rely on that car, SUV and truck owners do, such as seatbelts and airbags. When a distracted driver causes a motorcycle crash, the motorcyclist faces much greater injuries.