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When and where do most motorcycle crash fatalities occur?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

While many different factors contribute to fatal motorcycle crashes that take place across the United States, research shows that these events are more likely to occur when certain conditions are present. For instance, motorcyclists face higher fatal crash risks during certain times of the day and during certain times of the year. What kind of road a cyclist rides on also impacts his or her likelihood of dying in a bike wreck.

Per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 60% of 2020’s fatal motorcycle crashes involved more than one vehicle.

When most fatal motorcycle crashes occur

Research shows that the most dangerous time of year for motorcyclists is between May to September, with more than 60% of deadly motorcycle wrecks taking place within this window. August is statistically the worst month for motorcycle fatalities across the nation, and studies show that bike fatalities are more likely to occur after 6 p.m.

Where most fatal motorcycle crashes occur

Some types of roadways present more hazards and risks for cyclists than others. More than half, or 52%, of the nation’s motorcycle deaths in 2020 took place on major roadways that did not include highways or interstates. Bike fatalities were also more common in urban communities, with 60% of them occurring outside of rural areas. In 2020, 11% of fatal motorcycle crashes took place on major freeways or interstates.

Many other factors also contribute to a motorcyclist’s risk of dying in a bike wreck. Helmet use is among them. Whether someone is driving the motorcycle or riding on the back of it is another.