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Are gloves as beneficial as helmets for motorcycle riders?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Even though part of being a motorcycle enthusiast includes feeling the wind move across your body, it usually makes sense to cover exposed skin. Indeed, the right pair of riding gloves can be just as important to your safety as your helmet.

When you ride your motorcycle, it is critical never to forget to put on your riding helmet. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a safety-rated helmet reduces your chances of suffering a head injury in a motorcycle crash by almost 70%.

Injury risk to your hands

During a motorcycle accident, your extremities are particularly vulnerable to injury. Undoubtedly, a collision can fracture hand bones and cause deep lacerations in your skin. You even might suffer irreparable ligament and tendon damage in an accident.

Protective gear for your hands

As you probably know, riding gloves come in a seemingly endless number of materials, designs and configurations. Which gloves provide the best protection for you probably depends on your riding style. Nevertheless, reinforced gloves with integrated body armor are appropriate for most riders and riding conditions.

Part of your accident-prevention strategy

While wearing gloves when you ride certainly can decrease your probability of injuring your hands during an accident, gloves also can help you avoid crashing altogether. Specifically, because gloves tend to improve your grip, you might have an easier time maneuvering your motorcycle safely. This is especially true during inclement weather.

A good pair of riding gloves might cost you well over $100. Ultimately, though, if your gloves help to keep your fingers, hands and wrists in good shape, the expense is more than justifiable.