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Is that headache after a motorcycle crash just a headache?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

When you get into a crash on your motorcycle, you may feel overwhelmed by everything that happens in a short amount of time. As you continue with your daily life, you may also notice a headache that does not seem to go away.

By learning more about traumatic brain injury symptoms, you can better understand if that headache is just a headache or a sign of something else.

Odd fluids and pains

According to the Mayo Clinic, you may experience an increase in vomiting or fluids draining from your ears or nose if you are suffering from a TBI. Changes in the way you feel or how your limbs react, such as dilation of the pupils or a weakening grip when using your fingers, can be a sign of this problem as well.

Confusion and irritation

Your mood can also change when you face a TBI. In the time after an accident involving your head, you may realize that you are slurring the words you say or having trouble remembering events or conversations that just happened. At different times of the day, you could feel angry, anxious or depressed.

Other people may notice how confused you sound in conversation before you even realize it yourself. The questions or replies you give may leave you acting strangely.

Problems with sleep

When you continually struggle to stay asleep during the night or cannot fall asleep easily after an injury, you may have a TBI. Losing your consciousness at times throughout the day can also leave you feeling disoriented.

No matter what variety of symptoms you experience, being aware of what a traumatic brain injury can do to your mind and body is important.