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How summer and winter weather impact WA roads and motorcycles

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

In the summer and fall, Washington State experiences significant rain and fog, and you will often find standing water on roads. However, if you own a motorcycle, these are the seasons you probably ride the most.

Unfortunately, nearly two-thirds of traffic accidents involve wet pavement and almost 50% occur while it rains. Therefore, these are ways wet weather can impact the roads and your safety on a motorcycle.

What wet weather does

When it rains and the pavement becomes damp, your motorcycle experiences reduced traction. You may also find it more difficult to maneuver on the roads. Rain collects in cracks, potholes and other damage, so you may not see these dangers. Rain and fog also significantly reduce your visibility on the road. During heavy rains, roads can become flooded, which further damages roads and makes them impassable. In these cases, you need to reduce your speed, which increases traffic and delays.

Riding your motorcycle in the rain

Most consider it dangerous or at least a safety hazard to ride in the rain. In fact, you should avoid it if you can because the slippery roads severely impact your balance and control. Motorcycles do not have windshield wipers to improve visibility, so water will consistently splash across your visor. It may even fog up, and a dark shield further reduces visibility.

You also need rain gear because your body, particularly your hands, receive exposure to the changing temperatures and wetness and can impact your control. It is also more difficult to see motorcycles on the road during storms even with working lights. Braking and fast throttle adjustments can also put you at risk.

If you ride during the summer and fall, make sure you maintain your bike and prepare for weather changes.