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Motorcycle crashes and inclement weather

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Throughout the year, weather can increase the chances of a motorcycle crash. Motorcyclists should pay close attention to conditions before taking to the road, and realize various risk factors that could increase their chances of becoming involved in an accident. Sometimes, it is wise to stay off of the road during bad weather and wait for conditions to get better.

Unfortunately, reckless drivers are particularly likely to cause accidents in bad weather. For example, if someone drinks alcohol behind the wheel, uses their phone while driving or speeds, they could have an even greater likelihood of hitting a motorcyclist when roads are slick or visibility is poor.

Weather-related motorcycle crash risk factors

The Federal Highway Administration goes over various weather-related motorcycle accident risks. Precipitation can negatively impact traction, causing someone driving a vehicle to slam into a motorcyclist or a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike. Rain, sleet and snow cause many motorcycle crashes.

In addition, fog and heavy wind that blows debris, dust or smoke can affect visibility and make it harder to see the road. Someone driving a vehicle might struggle to see a motorcyclist. Low visibility can also cause speed variance, which increases the probability of an accident.

The consequences of a weather-related motorcycle crash

Following a motorcycle accident, victims can face many different consequences. Some have to take time off work because of their injuries, and hospital bills can spiral out of control. Aside from physical injuries and financial problems, some victims face emotional hardships.

After a weather-related motorcycle accident, victims need to go over the details of the crash carefully.