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Motorcycle Accident - What Items are covered?

When I am in a motorcycle accident, what items do I get paid for?

  1. Money to repair your bike
  2. Fair market value if your bike is totaled (often a fight with the insurance company)
  3. Money for the type and severity of injuries
  4. Scars
  5. Disability e.g. walk with a limp
  6. Money for not being able to ride anymore because of injuries
  7. Money for pain and emotional injury e.g. PTSD
  8. Money for your riding gear
  9. Money for you future pain
  10. Lost wages (past and future)
  11. Recover the cost of medical bills to date
  12. Recover the cost of future medical expenses
  13. Recover the cost to hire someone to do indoor/outdoor chores e.g. mow your lawn when you can't
  14. Depending on the facts, other money may be recoverable

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