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Getting Paid For Lost Wages

This is always a fight with your insurance company. Only your insurance company will pay your lost wages, while you can’t work.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company will not pay lost wages until the very end when you settle. This is why you must carry your own motorcycle insurance which pays you for lost wages.

The fight is your insurance company will say you can work and you don’t qualify for lost wages.

This is a fight a motorcyclist cannot win on his/her own.

A motorcycle accident is a legal event. As such, many different laws apply.

You would think when a motorist hits the back of your bike at a stop sign, the insurance company will pay what is fair. This is not how it works.

Insurance adjusters are paid to save the insurance company money. They are not paid to be “fair.”

If you can’t work and your bills are piling up, and your insurance company says they aren’t paying you for lost wages, you only have one choice.

Hire a motorcycle accident attorney before you lose everything.

If your injuries don’t heal, you may never work again and you need to be paid money for the rest of your life.

For more information for lost wages in Washington State, please see:
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