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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

When I am injured are my spouse and children entitled to compensation?

In Washington State, the answer is yes.

Spousal Compensation

Your spouse's claim for compensation is called a “Spousal Loss of Consortium” claim, which means because of your injuries, your relationship with your spouse has changed. Some examples include:

  1. You are always angry at home because you are in constant pain
  2. Loss of your affection-you hurt
  3. You can no longer help around the house
Childrens' Compensation

When a parent's injuries from a motorcycle accident affect his/her relationship with children, the children have a right to be compensated. This is known as a loss of “Parental Consortium.” Some examples include:

  1. When the injured parent can no longer play “catch” with the children
  2. Loss of companionship and guidance from injured parent (parent in a coma)
  3. Compensation for the sadness a child experiences when Mom or Dad are hurt.

What about my bike and riding gear being paid for?

Loss of Value to my Motorcycle

What is “Loss of Value?” This is when your motorcycle has been in an accident and your bike is damaged. Your bike is not worth as much as an identical bike that has never been in an accident. Your bike is repaired but it is not worth as much as other similar bikes.

Under Washington State law, does the Insurance Company have to pay you for “Loss of Value?”

In Washington State, the answer is yes.

Negotiating with Property Adjustor

Remember, you not only want money to repair your bike, but you want money for “Loss of Value.”

Do I get to decide which repair shop I want to fix my bike?

In Washington State, the answer is yes. The adjustor cannot legally force you to get your bike repaired at a shop the adjustor selects.

Can I get reimbursed for my damaged helmet, leather jacket, boots, and chaps?

In Washington State, the answer is yes. You will have to provide receipts for your
helmet, jacket, boots, and chaps. If you do not have receipts, you can find something
close to that property on the internet or at a bike shop.

What happens if I have to rent a car while my bike is being fixed?

In Washington State, you are entitled to be reimbursed for the cost of a rental car.

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