My name is Charles Conrad. I am an army vet and for over 20 years a motorcycle accident attorney. For the last 10 years I have ridden a Harley. My office is in Spokane, WA. I have represented injured motorcyclist from Canada down to Arizona.

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I hired Chuck Conrad in 2013 because I was rear-ended at 60 mph while stopped on a highway. My Harley and I flew hundreds of feet. My bike was totaled. I had huge medical bills and I could not work. Chuck made the insurance company buy me a brand new Harley. My medical bills were paid and I made a full recovery for my pain and suffering. As Chuck is a serious rider, he fights for fellow riders. I hope I am never involved in another motorcycle accident, but if I am, Chuck will be my attorney.
I was involved in a severe motorcycle accident when a truck pulled into my lane. I had no medical insurance so no doctor would treat me. Chuck took care of this for me. I have recovered from my injuries as I received the medical care I needed. I hope you are never injured on your motorcycle, but if you are, Chuck will help you.
I was severely injured when a motorcyclist made a left hand turn in front of me. I immediately laid the bike down and skidded several hundred feet. The insurance company said I went down because of gravel on the road and would not pay. I hired Chuck. He proved the accident was not my fault. Chuck forced the insurance company to pay for my bike and my medical bills.

Chuck made the insurance company pay me every dime I was entitled to. Without Chuck’s help, I would have been left with a wrecked bike, unpaid medical bills and no money. I have referred other injured motorcycle riders to Chuck and he has taken care of all of us. Chuck is a rider and attorney who takes care of his own.

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My story is not much different from anyone who has an L&I claim. The Department refused to provided me the benefits I was entitled to. I was out of work and running out of money. Chuck took my case and made sure I received the money I was entitled to. Without Chuck, I would not have received the money and care I needed to live.
From the very beginning, the Department made my life difficult. Because I was severely injured, I did not have the strength to fight the Department. Chuck took this burden off my shoulders and made sure I received all of the benefits the Department did not want to pay me.
I hired Chuck Conrad when the Department denied my claim for injuries to my knees. Chuck made the Department accept my claim, pay for my medical treatment and forced the Department to put me on a pension. The Department fought me every step of the way and Chuck won my case.
I would like to thank Mr. Conrad for his help this past 1-1/2 years obtaining an SSD hearing. Due to an accident, I am unable to work. Mr. Conrad helped me with compassion & his expertise, acquire all pertinent documents required for a court hearing. I am so thankful I hired Mr. Conrad to look after my case, which he won for me. He made the last 1-1/2 yrs less stressful while looking after my case. I can’t thank him enough.
I went to see Mr. Conrad after being denied Social Security Disability benefits. He gave me time to explain my situation and ask questions. He is professional and knowledgeable. Mr. Conrad explained the system/process in terms I could understand. This was encouraging. Mr. Conrad and his office collected the information needed and kept me informed during the long process to appeal. I am grateful for having Mr. Conrad as my lawyer.


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