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Helping Workers Injured In Distribution Center Accidents And Auto Crashes

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading sources of serious injury and death in the United States. It should come as no surprise, then, that crashes are also a leading cause of workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims. I am Chuck Conrad, founder of the Law Offices Of Charles T. Conrad My firm helps clients seek benefits after being injured while driving a commercial vehicle, which is basically any vehicle used to commercially transport products/merchandise, freight, animals or paying passengers.

I can also help you if you were in a work-related accident in a noncommercial vehicle, or if you were injured in other aspects of the delivery process, such as loading and unloading cargo at a distribution center or at the point of delivery.

Motor Vehicle Accidents While Driving On the Job

If you’ve been hurt in an on-the-job auto accident, that is a work injury. But driving on the job applies to more than just commercial drivers of trucks, cars and delivery vans — other situations qualify as well. When a worker drives from job site to job site and is in a car accident, for instance, the worker normally has a valid Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) claim.

You are even covered when running errands for your employer. An example is if your boss tells you to go pick up building supplies and you have a car accident during the trip. If you get into an accident when driving as part of your job (with the exception of normal commuting), you probably have a valid L&I claim.

You also have the ability to sue the at-fault driver in a separate legal action. This is an important additional source of compensation, since workers’ comp benefits don’t cover damages like pain and suffering. I can help you explore all of your legal options during a free initial consultation.

Other Accidents On Delivery Trucks

Many workers are employed driving delivery trucks, and a crash isn’t the only hazard they face. It is common for delivery drivers to injure their backs delivering their cargo. Sometimes they slip on a ramp or in the store. Sometimes cargo falls on them. If you were injured in one of these situations or under similar circumstances, you probably have a valid on-the-job injury claim.

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