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A Lawyer Fighting For Families After Fatal Workplace Accidents

No one should have to die while trying to support themselves and their families. Sadly, though, more than 4,700 workers in the United States suffered fatal injuries in 2020. Losing someone you love to a preventable workplace accident can overwhelm you with grief and anger – not to mention worries about the future.

The difficulties are even greater when the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) tries to deny your family the death benefits and survivor benefits you are legally entitled to. If you find yourself in this unacceptable situation, contact the Law Offices Of Charles T. Conrad I am firm founder Chuck Conrad, and I have more than 30 years of legal experience fighting for workers and their families. I would be honored to help you during this difficult time.

Workplace Deaths Are Far Too Common

In 2020, approximately 83 workers in Washington State were killed either on the job or due to job-related hazards. The most common sources of workplace fatality are:

  • Transportation accidents
  • Violence and other injuries inflicted by humans or animals
  • Being struck by objects and contact with equipment
  • Falls from height
  • Slips, trips and falls

The state’s most dangerous industries continue to be construction, mining and extraction, agriculture, fishing, forestry and hunting.

Understand Your Right To Benefits

There are three types of death benefits available from L&I, depending on the circumstances of the fatal accident. They include:

Immediate one-time payment: This is available for spouse/children/dependents if the worker’s death was attributed to an industrial injury or occupational disease. The payment amount is equivalent to the average monthly wage in Washington.

Burial benefits: Again, this is available in cases where the death was attributed to industrial injury or occupational disease. The payment, which is as high as 200 percent of the state’s average monthly wage, can help cover funeral and burial expenses.

Monthly survivor benefits: These are paid to the worker’s spouse/domestic partner, children and other dependents. The amount paid will depend on who the survivors are and how many there are, and are calculated based on the worker’s wages at the time of the injuries leading to their death.

If you are seeking any benefits as a spouse, child or other dependent, you’ll need to submit an application within one year of your loved one’s death from fatal injury. If your loved one died due to an occupational disease, you’ll need to submit the application within two years of receiving notice from a physician that the cause of death was occupational disease.

How I Can Help Your Family

Even when claims are legitimate and submitted correctly, L&I regularly denies benefits to injured workers and death benefits to their families. Fighting against this bureaucratic organization would be difficult even if you weren’t also trying to grieve your loss. I am ready to take on this fight for you, utilizing my decades of legal experience and my in-depth knowledge of Washington’s workers’ compensation laws.

It costs nothing to discuss your options with me, and I don’t get paid unless I help your family recover money.

Learn More In A Free Consultation

The Law Offices Of Charles T. Conrad offers free initial consultations to injured workers and the families of those killed on the job. To schedule yours, contact my office in Spokane by calling 509-924-4825. You can also reach out online.