Workman’s Compensation (On the Job Injuries)

Workers are injured doing their jobs. Often times, these injuries prevent the person from returning to his/her job. What is the person to do? No job, no money, severe disabling injuries, pain and no one explains the person’s rights or how to successfully handle the situation.

The family home is in jeopardy. Medical bills pile up and the person is left to fend for himself/herself. Everything the person has worked for can be lost. This DOES NOT have to happen.

Our firm has helped several hundred clients in this situation. This is what we do and have done for the last 37 years.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have a right to go at it alone. When all is lost, it is too late to seek our help. Sit down with us, at no initial cost, and let’s decide how to protect you and your family. It is a tragedy when hard working people, who were only doing their jobs, lose what they have worked so hard for and for so long to financially secure a stable future for the family.

Meet with us to determine if our firm is the answer you need to protect your family.

Client Testimonials

Motorcycle Attorney Washington Idaho Oregon
My story is not much different from anyone who has an L&I claim. The Department refused to provided me the benefits I was entitled to. I was out of work and running out of money. Chuck took my case and made sure I received the money I was entitled to. Without Chuck, I would not have received the money and care I needed to live.
Motorcycle Attorney Washington Idaho Oregon
From the very beginning, the Department made my life difficult. Because I was severely injured, I did not have the strength to fight the Department. Chuck took this burden off my shoulders and made sure I received all of the benefits the Department did not want to pay me.
Motorcycle Attorney Washington Idaho Oregon
I hired Chuck Conrad when the Department denied my claim for injuries to my knees. Chuck made the Department accept my claim, pay for my medical treatment and forced the Department to put me on a pension. The Department fought me every step of the way and Chuck won my case.


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